Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've switched platforms. I needed more. What can I say? So come check out my new site at www.alittlehairhelp.com I guarantee you will love it! Stick around, leave a comment, make a suggestion. Just go.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chlorine Removal

It's summer, you're swimming, or your kids are. All is going well until you start to notice that your hair is starting to turn a lovely shade of slimy green....ahhhhh! What do I do now?

Fist of all let's start with what to do before you jump in that pool. Your hair is porous (especially if you are blonde) which means that it will absorb water like a sponge. So instead of absorbing all the pool water get your hair wet with tap water. You can shower rinse it, spray it with a water bottle or run it under the sink. Then take a conditioner, the thicker the better, and run it through your damp ends, but don't rinse it out, leave it in. At this point you should try to braid your hair back or put it up in a loose bun,but sometimes we just want to jump I the pool. I know this sounds like a lot of effort but when you consider the time and money we put into our hair it's really not that much. Although after I've had a few drinks by the pool most things seem like quite an effort.

For the kids, and in this circumstance I mean girls because of the length of their hair; same rules apply try to French braid or double braid before swimming. Wet hair, towel dry, spray with leave in conditioner and braid the hair. These water lovers need it the most. They stay in until their hands get wrinkly and their lips get blue. Once they get out of the pool unfortunately you have to un-do that pretty braid and shampoo out the ends. This is a detox shampoo (try to make me go to rehab, I say no, no, no. RIP Amy Winehouse) kids and adults can use, try using it twice in a row to really build a good lather. It will gently remove the residue buildup without stripping color from your hair. Concentrate on shampooing your ends where your hair is the most porous.

More concentrated efforts for chlorine happen when it's really gotten too late. Honestly,if you are trying to repair your hair at this stage it's probably going to be too late in most circumstances. I've tried bleaching it out which doesn't remove the greenish/grayish color very much at all. I've tried bleaching and toning but you can't tone out a residue. I've tried the home remedy route, things like baking soda, vitamin c, seen tomato juice not work, then ended up removing or cutting off all of those un-happy lengths of hair anyway. Luckily most of these experiments have been on extensions which means removal is just as easy as replacement.

I don't have full time access to a pool so I don't really suffer from this problem. These are the rules I follow when poolside. Sunscreen, hat, lip balm, cold drink, pull my hair up as high as I can and try not to get dunked but if it happens I won't regret it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Isn't it fun watching the Olympics? I wish I could catch a little of every sport but since I don't want to pay $90 per month in cable bills I am forced like most Americans to watch whatever I can catch on national television. On well things could worse! Here are some photos that I thought were amazing. Hope you enjoy!


On the pain, the suffering, the anguish! I can't imagine training your hardest for years only to lose by a second or a mili-second.

Here's to hoping they don't run out of condoms in the Olympic village this year like they have in the past. Packing for the Olympics: toothbrush, check, stretchy pants, check, excessive amounts of ibuprofen and birth control, check. Better safe than sorry.

On a side note I read that a recent DNA mapping study concluded that 99% of all Olympic male athletes share a gene, I don't remember the exact name, let's call it R 5678. Hmmmmm, interesting. I wonder if they haven't tested the women or if they found different results.

Monday, July 30, 2012


What constitutes a big change in your books? I did a couple of great cuts last weekend, long to short,or at least quite a bit shorter. I love doing a change like that. I still say its the quickest way to lose weight. Every client feels differently about what makes a big change for them. Some are daring enough to demand a new cut, and a different color. Some think that every time they request the same trim they are making a big change, for the day. It's cool.

I love doing these "transformation" appointments. The client always leaves with a different attitude about themselves than when they arrived.

In the following pictures are two different cuts. In the first picture is sweet, dear Andrea who wanted to go from long sandy blonde hair to a long brighter bob with a different style to it. The second photo displays the results. I wove her entire head with 20 and 30 vol alternating bleach foils. I applied a clear glaze to the ends. We cut her long bob to have a bit of an angle coming from the back to the front. An A-line but not too dramatic, we are just trying it out this appointment. She loved it! The third photo is of Nicole, she is so charismatic and fun loving! She only wanted a cut, we took about 6 inches off. Starting with a long, shaggy cut(it's been waaaay too long, Nicole) she decided shoulder skimming would be best (ponytails are important,) more layers but a strong bob line, cut, dried and styled, so sexy! I never leave my clients that have a new "do" without showing them how to style it and what sort of products and tools they might need, it's part of the consultation too. Both clients left with big smiles and a new summer feel to their style. success



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gym Hair

I am at the gym pretty consistently and I always find myself wondering what to do with my hair. Most likely it is going to be up so it doesn't get all sweaty and stuck to my face. I'll cover some options of different lengths.

Short and Textured: Think styling wax, messy but refined

Bob: not exactly short enough to get away with the messy look but not long enough to pull everything back. I reccomend side braids or twists

Shoulder length or longer any density: Faux Bob or a top knot a looped ponytail, this is already a really popular option, it only takes a minute or two extra to make it look really chic.

Long, medium to thick density: Braids are a beautiful way to showcase your long lucious locks. Here's a new one, braid up the back with a top knot. Pretty. Or how about a ponytail fishtail ?.

Let's bring back headbands! seriously, they are pretty fun to wear, they work with any length and can be combined with most other styles plus they are very helpful at the gym.

Obviously you aren't looking for anything too fancy but you would like to look pulled together and maybe even be able to wear the style out for the rest of your day. It's easy to rinse off after the gym and leave your hair alone. You can blow dry on low after a rinse at the nape of your neck and around the sides of you face where we tend to sweat the most. Or you can spray a dry shampoo at your roots and nape of neck, tousle your hair and go. Nobody will ever know.