Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Pedicures

Yes It's sandal season and our toes need fresh air too. Even if you don't wear sandals foot pampering is vital to a pleasant demeanor. I'm sure you can round up the materials in your house to assimilate the spa experience. Here's my list.

Either start a movie, or grab a book or magazine, might as well get a tall glass of iced tea too.

Determine your spot and set up an area where you will have "everything you need" within an arms reach of you .

Everything you need:

Towels: 1 large to rest underneath the bucket, one small to wipe your clean feet with. Foot file, or callus remover, nail polish, foot brush, toenail clippers, nail polish remover (if polished) and cotton pads.

Foot Basin: My favorite is a rectangular plastic basin about 14"x 8". Or a large wide bowl, the flatter the bottom the more comfortable it will be. Epsom salts: 1/4 cup, these draw odor and toxins out of your feet; remember your feet have a lot of sweat glands, they are always working for you. Essential oils: favorites are lavender, peppermint and lemon, melaleuca oil. Choose one and add 3-8 drops. Fill basin with warm or cold water depending on your desired degree of adjustment. Bring basin to "your spot"

Immerse feet breath a big sigh of relief and sit still for at least 5 minutes. Rub your feet with the foot brush, concentrate of your toes trying to scrub underneath the nail bed. Remove one foot, scrub heels with foot file, Remove toenail polish repeat with other foot whilst submerging your just scrubbed foot in the bath. Clip toenails of both feet, again submerge your feet in the bath and scrub with the foot brush. Remove one foot, dry and polish that foot, rest it on the clean large towel. Remove still soaking foot, dry, polish, rest. at this point you can get rid of the water, or try to make someone else do it.

See how much your feet liked that? All it takes is a bit of careful preparation to re-create a serene environment or at least one where you don't want to throw something at somebody.


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