Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Isn't it fun watching the Olympics? I wish I could catch a little of every sport but since I don't want to pay $90 per month in cable bills I am forced like most Americans to watch whatever I can catch on national television. On well things could worse! Here are some photos that I thought were amazing. Hope you enjoy!


On the pain, the suffering, the anguish! I can't imagine training your hardest for years only to lose by a second or a mili-second.

Here's to hoping they don't run out of condoms in the Olympic village this year like they have in the past. Packing for the Olympics: toothbrush, check, stretchy pants, check, excessive amounts of ibuprofen and birth control, check. Better safe than sorry.

On a side note I read that a recent DNA mapping study concluded that 99% of all Olympic male athletes share a gene, I don't remember the exact name, let's call it R 5678. Hmmmmm, interesting. I wonder if they haven't tested the women or if they found different results.

Monday, July 30, 2012


What constitutes a big change in your books? I did a couple of great cuts last weekend, long to short,or at least quite a bit shorter. I love doing a change like that. I still say its the quickest way to lose weight. Every client feels differently about what makes a big change for them. Some are daring enough to demand a new cut, and a different color. Some think that every time they request the same trim they are making a big change, for the day. It's cool.

I love doing these "transformation" appointments. The client always leaves with a different attitude about themselves than when they arrived.

In the following pictures are two different cuts. In the first picture is sweet, dear Andrea who wanted to go from long sandy blonde hair to a long brighter bob with a different style to it. The second photo displays the results. I wove her entire head with 20 and 30 vol alternating bleach foils. I applied a clear glaze to the ends. We cut her long bob to have a bit of an angle coming from the back to the front. An A-line but not too dramatic, we are just trying it out this appointment. She loved it! The third photo is of Nicole, she is so charismatic and fun loving! She only wanted a cut, we took about 6 inches off. Starting with a long, shaggy cut(it's been waaaay too long, Nicole) she decided shoulder skimming would be best (ponytails are important,) more layers but a strong bob line, cut, dried and styled, so sexy! I never leave my clients that have a new "do" without showing them how to style it and what sort of products and tools they might need, it's part of the consultation too. Both clients left with big smiles and a new summer feel to their style. success



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gym Hair

I am at the gym pretty consistently and I always find myself wondering what to do with my hair. Most likely it is going to be up so it doesn't get all sweaty and stuck to my face. I'll cover some options of different lengths.

Short and Textured: Think styling wax, messy but refined

Bob: not exactly short enough to get away with the messy look but not long enough to pull everything back. I reccomend side braids or twists

Shoulder length or longer any density: Faux Bob or a top knot a looped ponytail, this is already a really popular option, it only takes a minute or two extra to make it look really chic.

Long, medium to thick density: Braids are a beautiful way to showcase your long lucious locks. Here's a new one, braid up the back with a top knot. Pretty. Or how about a ponytail fishtail ?.

Let's bring back headbands! seriously, they are pretty fun to wear, they work with any length and can be combined with most other styles plus they are very helpful at the gym.

Obviously you aren't looking for anything too fancy but you would like to look pulled together and maybe even be able to wear the style out for the rest of your day. It's easy to rinse off after the gym and leave your hair alone. You can blow dry on low after a rinse at the nape of your neck and around the sides of you face where we tend to sweat the most. Or you can spray a dry shampoo at your roots and nape of neck, tousle your hair and go. Nobody will ever know.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


By definition Adoration is love given with deep affection. To me it simply means that I cannot stop loving despite what may come, good or bad I'm permanently hooked. So it's no surprise that I use the term often to describe my children, although not at 5:00 when I am waiting for Dad to return home.

There are many things that I adore, here are a few:




Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Alright who feels like they are having more of these than the good hair days? Then it is time to get some TLC from your stylist. It's time for a change. Choices are endless of course so let me narrow it down starting with the most likely and carrying on from there. Haircut even a trim will be very helpful or a real change would be dropping at least 3 inches from your overall length. Hair color opens another bundle of options. You could easily put on a clear gloss to shine up your hair or add a bit of color to the gloss like a lipstick for your hair. A weave consists of using foils to isolate thin strips of your hair to easily blend a new color with your natural hair. Add a base color to cover the greys as well. A Partial weave is different for every stylist depending on their handiwork. In my definition a partial weave includes about 30 foils concentrated around the front of the face. A Full weave adds another 20 or so foils to the back of the head. So just starting there we could explore a world of possibilities. A few more ideas: Extensions (again you can choose a partial or full application) Straightening treatments, perms, or styling your hair completely differently; which only takes a few products and 1-3 hot tools. Jus think you could add just 10 minutes to your morning routine and really make your bad hair day into a good hair day.

Bad hair is hair that doesn't cooperate or make you happy. If its damaged we would need to address that problem first before exploring some of the above options. Although a good haircut can solve years of neglect and bad color decisions.

Some bad hair day examples :

Cameron Diaz,it's one of the best

Donald Trump, he just always has bad hair

Wierd Al Yankovich , great guy, bad hair

Tim Burton, I like you but you're crazy!

ok I'm realizing that most men don't really give a s%!t about their hair

so tell me please what does a bad hair day mean to you?



Good Hair Day

A good hair day mean different things to different people. To me it means voluminous, bouncy, curly hair that's not frizzy. It also has to be not too hot and not too windy, so in essence a good hair day also means a good weather day.

Here are some examples of good hair , it's voluminous right?

Julia Roberts long luxurious waves

Chris Hemsworth mid length men's cut

Borat, very nice for a foreigner!

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, my hair idol

Tell me what makes you feel like you are having a good hair day?


Friday, July 13, 2012


This post is dedicated to all those people out there who are even the slightest bit unsure of their amazing abilities! Yes I am talking about you! This summer I have discovered how reluctant people are to talk to their friends, fitness instructors, hairdressers, bartenders, or parents about their deepest doubts, concerns and fears. People in general feel very disconnected from the very groups that surround them. They are afraid of being mocked, of being shunned, labeled, misunderstood or cut off from communication. What i wish the people of my community would realize is how profoundly we feel a loss. It's so shameful that some of these people don't ever know the love, adoration and amazement we felt in their presence. We have a responsibility to one another to make people feel that they belong, and that they will be not only heard but understood and still accepted, even if the truths are ugly. We can change and enjoy it or stay the same and feel better about it, but there is no staying the same. We can march into the future together with a smile on our faces, open ears, open hearts and a strong spine or we can feel alone all together and blame ourselves into misery. So tell a friend you love them, give a hug to someone you normally wouldn't, shake hands with a new acquaintance, love each other. Show the world just how awesome you are!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Pedicures

Yes It's sandal season and our toes need fresh air too. Even if you don't wear sandals foot pampering is vital to a pleasant demeanor. I'm sure you can round up the materials in your house to assimilate the spa experience. Here's my list.

Either start a movie, or grab a book or magazine, might as well get a tall glass of iced tea too.

Determine your spot and set up an area where you will have "everything you need" within an arms reach of you .

Everything you need:

Towels: 1 large to rest underneath the bucket, one small to wipe your clean feet with. Foot file, or callus remover, nail polish, foot brush, toenail clippers, nail polish remover (if polished) and cotton pads.

Foot Basin: My favorite is a rectangular plastic basin about 14"x 8". Or a large wide bowl, the flatter the bottom the more comfortable it will be. Epsom salts: 1/4 cup, these draw odor and toxins out of your feet; remember your feet have a lot of sweat glands, they are always working for you. Essential oils: favorites are lavender, peppermint and lemon, melaleuca oil. Choose one and add 3-8 drops. Fill basin with warm or cold water depending on your desired degree of adjustment. Bring basin to "your spot"

Immerse feet breath a big sigh of relief and sit still for at least 5 minutes. Rub your feet with the foot brush, concentrate of your toes trying to scrub underneath the nail bed. Remove one foot, scrub heels with foot file, Remove toenail polish repeat with other foot whilst submerging your just scrubbed foot in the bath. Clip toenails of both feet, again submerge your feet in the bath and scrub with the foot brush. Remove one foot, dry and polish that foot, rest it on the clean large towel. Remove still soaking foot, dry, polish, rest. at this point you can get rid of the water, or try to make someone else do it.

See how much your feet liked that? All it takes is a bit of careful preparation to re-create a serene environment or at least one where you don't want to throw something at somebody.


Dry Itchy Scalp

Ok, here is what I recommend for Dry Itchy Scalp, it's called Dandrene and it's made by DS-Labratories. They are the premiere line of scalp solutions on the market and the price is great too, $28.00 for a 3 month supply. They advertise themselves as ultra premium formula to target the symptoms of seborrhic dermatitis. You will achieve best results with the potent mix of modern science and botanical extracts.

Directions: This is how you will get the best results from both shampoo and conditioner of any kind. Wet your hands, squeeze product into palm, then (this is the important part) rub the palms of your hands together to emulsify the product, like you're going to wash your hands with it, just for a few seconds, then apply to your wet head. With a shampoo apply to the scalp then use your fingertips to really work the product into the roots and scalp, with Dandrene you will want to concentrate on on any areas that are itchy too. Leave it on the scalp for 1-2 minutes. Hint, do it at the very beginning of your shower. You should do this at least 3-4 times per week. Condition the ends of your hair only, using the same application process as shampooing, rinse.

Other considerations: Drink lots of water, especially in the heat drink extra. Take a multivitamin just to eliminate the possibility of a deficiency. Look into your diet, oftentimes the food we ingest causes an allergic reaction which results in some curious conditions. If you're concerned about dietary triggers see a nutritionist, a food allergy specialist, an acupuncturist or a homeopathic physician, it's likely that none of them will require a referral to be seen so just call to make an appointment.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Changing your color

I decided it was time for a change, in my hair color. It all started with Scarlet Johanasen in the Avengers. I have been sporting blonde for a couple of years now and although I didn't want something too drastic I defiantly wanted something noticeable. Here are the steps that I took to achieve my results.

Double process color: I applied a 7 NA with 10 volume to my roots only, all over my head. Process 25 minutes, shampoo, blow dry. Next color application was 6c mixed with 9 wn demipermanent from roots to ends, comb through to achieve thorough saturation. Process for 25 minutes, shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse. ahhhh! It's different. I love it. Shampoo one more time, cool water rinse, it's perfect.

Since I only wanted a temporary color I chose a demipermanent. It is knowing the rules of color that protects clients from ruining their hair. So it is always best to trust a professional to your lovely locks or else you could end up with 1. bad hair (yikes) 2. paying the cost for a color correction which is anywhere between $50-75 per hour (hint it usually takes at least 3).

If you are thinking of a change in your color there are a few important things to consider.

How permanent do you want the results to be?

Are you the kind of person who likes change or will you be upset with the changes you are making?

Keep in mind that you might need some new makeup to pop your special look.

Make an appointment with your stylist, or if you already have one let them know in advance that you would like to try something different, often it can take multiple appointments or double processing so it's best to have everyone on the same page cost and time wise.

Don't be afraid! It's only hair and we have the ability to change it. Personally I. goi g to see what life is like as a strawberry blonde for the next few weeks, I'll let you know.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


I always tell my clients that we only cut bangs to grow them out. I'm half joking but for most people it's true. There are three types in the world of bangs; those who are die hard bang lovers, they have had them since they were young and continue to enjoy the mystery of their forehead draped in a silky facade. There are those who are unsatisfied with their current look and feel that bangs are the easiest way to change their appearance without sacrificing any real elements of their design. And there are those who have learned their lesson, some repeatedly.
I love bangs, I love to cut them, and admire others strong "fringe", I am envious of the immediate covering of the forehead (that wrinkled, splotchy area)...but I do not wear them. Why? because I have curly hair and unless I want to straighten them out and look like some chick from 18 and Pregnant there isn't much of a style to curly bangs.
So if you are thinking of cutting bangs ask yourself these questions.
1. Is my hair curly? (mild, medium, Afro) If you aren't willing to straighten it then you probably shouldn't go this route. Try nipping a few little pieces to see how curly they get.
2. Do I like to style my hair? (minimum of blow drying most days)
3. Do I change my mind often? (your saying no, but thinking yes) I have a lot of clients who think they want to try bangs and then discover that they just end up pinning them back most days. I would encourage you cut cut a few longer pieces to start with and cut in the rest at another haircut.
4.Am I willing to come in between appointments and have them trimmed? if you have a full bang chances are you will want to have them cut before the rest of your hair. I offer a complimentary bang trim with reoccurring clients.
May the shwartz be with you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer products

Summer skin and hair require a different assortment of products than any other season. here are some simple switches that you should make.
Hair: use a moisturizing shampoo to combat dryness. If you swim occasionally shampoo with a clarifying shampoo.
styling: If your hair is fine or thin use a light weight serum such as oi by Davines. if your hair is medium density with or without texture I recommend a gel, Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy smells like the beach, it comes in liquid gel that you pour in your palm or in a lighter weight spray.
If your hair is dense you will want to start the summer by having the interior of your haircut thinned out. Style with a smoothing balm like Bodyguard by Kevin Murphy or Easy Tiger by EVO
Face: Sunscreen is the most obvious summer product. you should use it every season but I always have it with me in the summer and in always rubbing it on myself and especially my children. I think the brand of sunscreen you use is one of the most important skin care decisions you make. So stop by www.ewg.org and click on Skin Deep. It is a ratings system for sunscreens based on their effectiveness and toxicity. Very Valuable resource. Some sunscreens that are marketed to children specifically are the worst offenders. Shocking! my favorites are Dermalogica, And California baby. both companies are devoted to top end performance from their products.
Make sure you apply enough and reapply frequently! A full body application for an adult would fill a shot glass "shots!" I apply about 1/4 of a shot to my face twice a day, more if I am actually in the sun. oh and I try to always wear a hat and sunglasses, mostly because it makes me look super cool and like I might be related to Mortocia Adams.
Body: Drink lots of water! Iced Tea, Coconut water, Electrolyte enhanced waters (smart water). Eat water filled fruits and vegetables at least 3 times a day (this does not include vodka soaked watermelon).
Wear a hat, avoid the direct sun from 12-4 and most importantly. HAVE FUN!
have a great 4th!