Monday, July 30, 2012


What constitutes a big change in your books? I did a couple of great cuts last weekend, long to short,or at least quite a bit shorter. I love doing a change like that. I still say its the quickest way to lose weight. Every client feels differently about what makes a big change for them. Some are daring enough to demand a new cut, and a different color. Some think that every time they request the same trim they are making a big change, for the day. It's cool.

I love doing these "transformation" appointments. The client always leaves with a different attitude about themselves than when they arrived.

In the following pictures are two different cuts. In the first picture is sweet, dear Andrea who wanted to go from long sandy blonde hair to a long brighter bob with a different style to it. The second photo displays the results. I wove her entire head with 20 and 30 vol alternating bleach foils. I applied a clear glaze to the ends. We cut her long bob to have a bit of an angle coming from the back to the front. An A-line but not too dramatic, we are just trying it out this appointment. She loved it! The third photo is of Nicole, she is so charismatic and fun loving! She only wanted a cut, we took about 6 inches off. Starting with a long, shaggy cut(it's been waaaay too long, Nicole) she decided shoulder skimming would be best (ponytails are important,) more layers but a strong bob line, cut, dried and styled, so sexy! I never leave my clients that have a new "do" without showing them how to style it and what sort of products and tools they might need, it's part of the consultation too. Both clients left with big smiles and a new summer feel to their style. success



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