Friday, July 6, 2012

Changing your color

I decided it was time for a change, in my hair color. It all started with Scarlet Johanasen in the Avengers. I have been sporting blonde for a couple of years now and although I didn't want something too drastic I defiantly wanted something noticeable. Here are the steps that I took to achieve my results.

Double process color: I applied a 7 NA with 10 volume to my roots only, all over my head. Process 25 minutes, shampoo, blow dry. Next color application was 6c mixed with 9 wn demipermanent from roots to ends, comb through to achieve thorough saturation. Process for 25 minutes, shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse. ahhhh! It's different. I love it. Shampoo one more time, cool water rinse, it's perfect.

Since I only wanted a temporary color I chose a demipermanent. It is knowing the rules of color that protects clients from ruining their hair. So it is always best to trust a professional to your lovely locks or else you could end up with 1. bad hair (yikes) 2. paying the cost for a color correction which is anywhere between $50-75 per hour (hint it usually takes at least 3).

If you are thinking of a change in your color there are a few important things to consider.

How permanent do you want the results to be?

Are you the kind of person who likes change or will you be upset with the changes you are making?

Keep in mind that you might need some new makeup to pop your special look.

Make an appointment with your stylist, or if you already have one let them know in advance that you would like to try something different, often it can take multiple appointments or double processing so it's best to have everyone on the same page cost and time wise.

Don't be afraid! It's only hair and we have the ability to change it. Personally I. goi g to see what life is like as a strawberry blonde for the next few weeks, I'll let you know.


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