Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Isn't it fun watching the Olympics? I wish I could catch a little of every sport but since I don't want to pay $90 per month in cable bills I am forced like most Americans to watch whatever I can catch on national television. On well things could worse! Here are some photos that I thought were amazing. Hope you enjoy!


On the pain, the suffering, the anguish! I can't imagine training your hardest for years only to lose by a second or a mili-second.

Here's to hoping they don't run out of condoms in the Olympic village this year like they have in the past. Packing for the Olympics: toothbrush, check, stretchy pants, check, excessive amounts of ibuprofen and birth control, check. Better safe than sorry.

On a side note I read that a recent DNA mapping study concluded that 99% of all Olympic male athletes share a gene, I don't remember the exact name, let's call it R 5678. Hmmmmm, interesting. I wonder if they haven't tested the women or if they found different results.

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