Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Alright who feels like they are having more of these than the good hair days? Then it is time to get some TLC from your stylist. It's time for a change. Choices are endless of course so let me narrow it down starting with the most likely and carrying on from there. Haircut even a trim will be very helpful or a real change would be dropping at least 3 inches from your overall length. Hair color opens another bundle of options. You could easily put on a clear gloss to shine up your hair or add a bit of color to the gloss like a lipstick for your hair. A weave consists of using foils to isolate thin strips of your hair to easily blend a new color with your natural hair. Add a base color to cover the greys as well. A Partial weave is different for every stylist depending on their handiwork. In my definition a partial weave includes about 30 foils concentrated around the front of the face. A Full weave adds another 20 or so foils to the back of the head. So just starting there we could explore a world of possibilities. A few more ideas: Extensions (again you can choose a partial or full application) Straightening treatments, perms, or styling your hair completely differently; which only takes a few products and 1-3 hot tools. Jus think you could add just 10 minutes to your morning routine and really make your bad hair day into a good hair day.

Bad hair is hair that doesn't cooperate or make you happy. If its damaged we would need to address that problem first before exploring some of the above options. Although a good haircut can solve years of neglect and bad color decisions.

Some bad hair day examples :

Cameron Diaz,it's one of the best

Donald Trump, he just always has bad hair

Wierd Al Yankovich , great guy, bad hair

Tim Burton, I like you but you're crazy!

ok I'm realizing that most men don't really give a s%!t about their hair

so tell me please what does a bad hair day mean to you?



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