Thursday, July 5, 2012


I always tell my clients that we only cut bangs to grow them out. I'm half joking but for most people it's true. There are three types in the world of bangs; those who are die hard bang lovers, they have had them since they were young and continue to enjoy the mystery of their forehead draped in a silky facade. There are those who are unsatisfied with their current look and feel that bangs are the easiest way to change their appearance without sacrificing any real elements of their design. And there are those who have learned their lesson, some repeatedly.
I love bangs, I love to cut them, and admire others strong "fringe", I am envious of the immediate covering of the forehead (that wrinkled, splotchy area)...but I do not wear them. Why? because I have curly hair and unless I want to straighten them out and look like some chick from 18 and Pregnant there isn't much of a style to curly bangs.
So if you are thinking of cutting bangs ask yourself these questions.
1. Is my hair curly? (mild, medium, Afro) If you aren't willing to straighten it then you probably shouldn't go this route. Try nipping a few little pieces to see how curly they get.
2. Do I like to style my hair? (minimum of blow drying most days)
3. Do I change my mind often? (your saying no, but thinking yes) I have a lot of clients who think they want to try bangs and then discover that they just end up pinning them back most days. I would encourage you cut cut a few longer pieces to start with and cut in the rest at another haircut.
4.Am I willing to come in between appointments and have them trimmed? if you have a full bang chances are you will want to have them cut before the rest of your hair. I offer a complimentary bang trim with reoccurring clients.
May the shwartz be with you.

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