Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer products

Summer skin and hair require a different assortment of products than any other season. here are some simple switches that you should make.
Hair: use a moisturizing shampoo to combat dryness. If you swim occasionally shampoo with a clarifying shampoo.
styling: If your hair is fine or thin use a light weight serum such as oi by Davines. if your hair is medium density with or without texture I recommend a gel, Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy smells like the beach, it comes in liquid gel that you pour in your palm or in a lighter weight spray.
If your hair is dense you will want to start the summer by having the interior of your haircut thinned out. Style with a smoothing balm like Bodyguard by Kevin Murphy or Easy Tiger by EVO
Face: Sunscreen is the most obvious summer product. you should use it every season but I always have it with me in the summer and in always rubbing it on myself and especially my children. I think the brand of sunscreen you use is one of the most important skin care decisions you make. So stop by and click on Skin Deep. It is a ratings system for sunscreens based on their effectiveness and toxicity. Very Valuable resource. Some sunscreens that are marketed to children specifically are the worst offenders. Shocking! my favorites are Dermalogica, And California baby. both companies are devoted to top end performance from their products.
Make sure you apply enough and reapply frequently! A full body application for an adult would fill a shot glass "shots!" I apply about 1/4 of a shot to my face twice a day, more if I am actually in the sun. oh and I try to always wear a hat and sunglasses, mostly because it makes me look super cool and like I might be related to Mortocia Adams.
Body: Drink lots of water! Iced Tea, Coconut water, Electrolyte enhanced waters (smart water). Eat water filled fruits and vegetables at least 3 times a day (this does not include vodka soaked watermelon).
Wear a hat, avoid the direct sun from 12-4 and most importantly. HAVE FUN!
have a great 4th!

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